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ISF Transmission

Transmission Blueprinting

Transmission Blueprinting is the process where your Transmission gears are de-burred using Isotropic Surface Finish Process (ISF) to decrease friction and increase power delivery.

  • Smooth Shifting
  • Easier Starting
  • Less Metal to Metal Friction
  • Lower operating Temperatures
  • Maximum Lubrication and flow
  • Increased Horsepower


Contact KR4 today and get pricing on our Superfinish Transmission Process.  We recommend this process to anyone racing off-road or motocross.  The average off road event is 2 to 3 hour's long and up to 100 miles of race time.  This process is a no brainer, proven to help with easier starting, better fuel milage, smoother shifting, improved lubrication flow and a cooler running machine.  By having better flow, smoother shifting and a cooler running machine it cuts down on wear & tear.  

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