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KR4 Performance MX/Off Road Riding Clinics

Whether you're looking to learn more about riding safety, improve your riding skills or change your riding style, KR4 Performance can help you get it done!  We specialize in One and Two Day Riding Clinics.  Our tailored Rider/Bike Set up, Test-n-Tune Program is a Unique part of our Arrive-n-Ride Program.  Blending our A-n-R Program with our Riding Clinics give us the resources to cater to any level rider.  Our Riding Clinics are conducted at our private track which is made up of a combination of Motocross, GNCC and Single Track.  We also have a Trials Bike Course (Bike Rental Available) and an Endurocross Track which in turn are used during our advanced Two Day Riding Clinics.  

KR4's One Day Riding Clinic

This One Day Riding Clinic will save you time and money and was designed for anyone concerned with time limitations and can't commit to our Two Day Clinic.  First time rider?  No worries, this Riding Clinic is a sure fit for you.  Focusing on the basics, acceleration, braking and cornering, keeping it simple.

KR4's Two Day Riding Clinic 

 So you think your up for two full days of training?  Our Two Day Riding Clinic is a more advanced Riding Clinic and was designed for the serious, dedicated weekend warrior, trail rider or full blown racer.  These Two Day Clinic's will test your limits and in turn help maximize your ability to tackle difficult obstacle such as logs, roots, rocks and hills.  The most important thing you'll learn is proper line selection and setting up for the next turn or pass.  A large part of this Two Day Clinic is designed to show the rider how he or she  can conserve energy, improve riding safety and see better results.  

Our One & Two Day Riding Clinics cover the following:

  • Safety and Riding Gear 
  • Bike Set up and Inspection
  • Proper Body Positioning
  • Start/Stop Bike Control
  • Throttle & Clutch Control
  • Grass, Flat & Berm Corners
  • Line Selection & Passing
  • Jumping, Scrubbing & Whoops
  • Dead Engine Starts & MX Starts 
  • Riding Ruts, Rocks, Roots and Tight Woods
    One Day Maximum 5 Riders
    Two Day Maximum 10 Riders




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