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2013 The Come back

Jeremy Randolph
29-Mar-2013 11:03 AM

2013 is my come back season to the sport I love after a 6 year hiatus. I'm writing this entry from a room at Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown,WV. I'm thankful for being a part of the KR4 Arrive and Ride team because it is allowing me to be here supporting my wife while KR4 is making sure my bike is 100% ready for race day.
This first round of the GNCC season was scheduled to take place in the sands of River Ranch,FL. The KR4 crew made plans to meet at the JDay GP the Saturday before River Ranch. Just like every hard working American knows, its hard to get time off from work to attend races these days and being a memeber of KR4 helps me overcome that obstacle too. KR4 hauls my bike and gear to the races and allows Stephanie (my beautiful wife) and me to search for flights to save money and time away from work. I left right after work on Friday and caught a red eye to Jacksonville,FL. I arrived at the gates of the JDay event at 3am and reclined my seat for some shut eye. My bike was already prepped and ready for Moto 1 all I had to do was focus on racing in th sand. I struggled in the first moto to cope with the deep sand and really the only high points were I was second through the first turn and my Rekluse absolutly crushed the KTM extreme section they had set up for us! Mike Zofchak imediately went to work prepping my bike for the 2nd moto while Frank Keegan and Billy Beam explained the dynamics of ripping in sand and propper body position. Thanks to their advice my lap times improved as the second moto went on. I didn't come away from JDay with a win but I did have confidence in my setup and the guidence I was getting from the KR4 crew heading into River Ranch. Check out for a sick edit of the JDay event!
The next few days leading up to Round 1 GNCC looked like we were going to be in for a extremly dusty race. Luckily for me the morning of the race it started pouring down rain. I looked at this as a advantage for me because I figured I would get faster in the sand as the race went on and less dust would make late race passes easier. Before the first lap was over I already knew my lack of technique riding in whoops was going to test my conditioning but I trusted in my countless hours of off season training to pound through them. At the end of the first lap I was in 19th and already feeling much more comfortable in the sand, I put my head down and kept pushing cutting 5 minutes off of my second lap! During my mid race pit stop Billy Beam yelled "Let your endurance bring the race to you!" I came out of the pits pumped and continued to shave time off of each lap. By the end of the race I had worked my way up to 10th! I was pretty happy with that because it was my second time racing in the sand and still trying to get back to my previous race form.
I had to fly back north to work Thursday and Friday before round 2 took place the following weekend. Stephanie decided to come to Georgia with me so we drove down on Saturday.(She is too far along in her pregnancy to fly) We made it to the track Saturday evening and were quickly welcomed by the friendly faces of the KR4 crew. We had a good time doing a little bench racing, prepping bikes, and even having a Sasquatch sighting that evening! lol I will be the first to admit The General was not what I expected, the pace was much faster than Florida and the red clay developed DEEP ruts. I found myself working my way up from the back again and set a pace that would of had me finishing about the same place as River Ranch. On the last lap I "Bonked", my body ran out of fuel. Every endurance athlete knows what I mean, its when your head and heart say "GO!" but your body says "No Thanks!". I struggled to keep my 450 under me on the last lap and finished a disappionting 17th.
After two rounds I am 11th in pionts and working hard off of the track to make needed improvements. I am introducing my 5 year old daughter, Khynzli, to racing this year and want her to learn that hard work pays off. I expect to make noticable improvements every round as I increase my physical conditioning and work the rough edges off of my race craft.
I want to thank KR4, Rekluse, Yoshimura, Loud Mouth MX, Twin Air, Dunlop,, Stickman Graphx, Fly Racing, PR

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