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2013 The Come Back (Limestone 100)

Jeremy Randolph
22-May-2013 08:03 PM

Only completing one lap at Mammoth motivated me to put in two hard weeks of training and had me feeling good and expecting results going into Indiana for Round 6. The trip to the Limestone 100 was the toughest one of the year because it was my first trip away from home since Kerrington was born and we felt it was a little too soon to take her for a 7+ hour car ride. Since I wasn’t hauling my bike or tools I decided to take Stephanie’s car for the trip to Indiana and it paid off big time saving me over $125.00 in fuel compared to taking my truck on the same trip! I also spent Saturday night in one of the cots in the KR4 race trailer instead of renting a hotel room leaving even more money in my pocket for go fast parts!

I went to the unique off-camber starting line of the Limestone 100 telling myself to “race the track” and “pace yourself for the first half”. I watched most of the classes in the morning race get pushed wide out of the first turn so I knew to start higher up the side of the hill and try to stick to the inside of the turn. It couldn’t of worked much better letting me enter the woods in about 6th place. I managed my heart rate and intensity on the first lap as planned but once I came through the start/finish line and realized I was in 9th I couldn’t help but to pin it and see if I could match the pace of the leaders of my class. The Dunlop MX31 I was running on the front of my bike felt like it was glued to the ground giving me even more confidence to attack the rutted corners. Brian Stanis (KR4 Mechanic) and I decided to run that tire because we were unsure what to expect from the weather over the weekend and I’m glad we did! When I went through the start/finish line at the end of the second lap, I received another surge of energy when I saw the scoring monitor flash that I had worked my way up to 7th place! The heat and humidity were really starting to wear on me by the end of the third lap but I didn’t quit attacking; knowing I was close to breaking into the top 5 of my class. I was pretty sure I picked up at least one spot when I zipped through the extremely rocky creek section allowing my Rekluse to do the work and keep my bike moving forward over the helmet sized rocks. I knew the race wasn’t over but I couldn’t help but to feel a since of achievement when I finished the third lap in 5th place! I was met by a very focused but excited pit crew when I pulled in for gas. They all worked as a unit getting me fresh goggles and cold water while fueling my bike for the final stretch of the race. I raced the next 2 laps at a smooth consistent pace and finished the race in 5th place; my season best! I was extremely over heated and exhausted at the end of the race but it still felt great to know the countless tweaks I have made to my diet and many hours of training are paying off to working my way to the front of my class. When I got back to the KR4 trailer and got my cell phone I was greeted by a “Congratulations” text from Stephanie who had been following me on GNCC Live laps. I also got an unexpected text on my way home from Frank Keegan, owner of KR4, “Just wanted to say awesome ride today, we are proud of you!” The whole KR4 team staff truly cares about their racers and welcome us all like family. I came away from the Limestone 100 knowing my training program is working but also see that my weakest link right now is smoothness and average speed and have made adjustments to work more seat time and riding techniques into my training program. Looking forward to keep improving going into Round 7. I want to thank KR4,,Stickman Graphx, Rekluse, Yoshimura, Loud Mouth MX, Dunlop, Twin Air, Sunstar, Silkolene, Fly Racing,PR2 and Matrix Concepts.

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