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2013 The Come back(Mammoth GNCC)

Jeremy Randolph
10-May-2013 11:38 PM

WOW, this has been an amazing week! I went from being at an epic GNCC in Kentucky last weekend to rushing home to the very exciting birth of my daughter, Kerrington Marie. Kerrington was born for speed, the labor went from 5cm dilated to birth in just 20 minutes! The doctor didn't even have time to make it to our room so the nurse ended up delivering Kerrington with a little bit of my help. (Sounds like a GNCC Women's Champion in the making!)
I aslo want to thank the whole KR4 crew for the surprise birthday cake and present for our new baby!
Now back to the race, I was looking forward to the Mammoth GNCC because I had heard the terrain was rocky and more like home. But when it started pouring down the rain Friday night and the track conditions kept deteriorating, I went from excited to absolutely pumped! I knew the gnarly conditions would let my fitness and fighters “will to win” shine through . There was over 3.5 inches of rain fall by race time Sunday and due to the track conditions, the GNCC staff decided to combine the 10am and 1pm races for one 2 hour race . Before the race started, the KR4 crew made sure our pits were organized and ready for anything. Knowing they had plenty of fresh goggles, water, and gloves ready helped give all of us an extra boost of confidence going into race time. The race started off great! I struggled the most with the soggy meadow sections and to keep my bike pointing forward. When I entered the rain drenched woods for the first time I saw total chaos. There were bikes littered through the woods, boiled over. Racers were zigging and zagging through the trees trying to find a good line through the foot peg dragging ruts. The course was riddled with mud covered rocks leaving many racers struggling to keep their bikes upright. My Rekluse made me feel like a superstar, allowing me to effortlessly race over the slippery wet rocks and maneuver past stranded riders. There was a huge bottle neck at about the six mile marker and bikes backed up as far as I could see. Some waiting for a good line to open up and others rocking back and forth, revving in the bottomless ruts, trying to get through the nearly impassable section. Two other racers and myself worked together to drag our bikes under a tree that had fallen down about waist high. This allowed us to attack the section from a new angle and kept our race hopes alive, waiting to see what the Mammoth would throw at us next. When I came around to complete my first lap, I was excited to see that I was running 6th in class. I did a quick gut check and knew I had a lot more in my tank because the pace I had set in the first lap didn’t even begin to tax my conditioning. I went into the woods and hammered down making a charge for my first in class podium finish of the year. Due to all of the mud on our helmets it was almost impossible to see the class stickers, but I was confident that I had picked up 2 more spots on the second lap. Then it happened. The head gasket on my Honda decided it had enough of what the Mammoth had to give, and blew out. I tried to let it cool down and keep racing, but I could only go about 100 yards before the kill switch starting flashing and it shut off. I decided to sit back and enjoy my front row seat, deep in the woods of Park City, KY. I was happy to see a fellow KR4 support rider, Chris Bach, race to another overall podium finish but I couldn’t help having that sick feeling deep inside as I watched my hopes of a top 3 finish in my class slip away with each passing racer. I think these extreme emotions are what makes our sport so addictive. I used those emotions to fuel my training and motivate me to solve weak points in my skills. I ended up 7th in class at the Mammoth and am looking forward to round 6! I want to wish my teammate, Mark Heresco, a speedy recovery and want to thank KR4, Rekluse,Yoshimura,Loud Mouth MX,Twin Air, Dunlop,,stickman graphx,Fly racing,PR2,Sunstar,Silkolene,Matrix Concepts, and Keegan Wireless for their support.

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