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Back to the Basics

Chris Bach
26-Mar-2013 06:31 PM

From the highest high, to the lowest low, we are back to the basics and focusing on success!
Welcome aboard everyone! Hope everyone here is enjoying reading the KR4 rider entries and learning some insight as to how everyone is getting on with their 2013 race seasons thus far. For 13, I am back on a orange (sometimes black) machine, and went back to everything that is a proven success for me from 2010. Same brand, same sponsors, same people around me, but with the goal of keeping it BASIC and SIMPLE. We are racing dirtbikes... lets not over complicate it this time around.

For myself personally, Im ecstatic to be apart of this program and with such great people. As some of the guys have already said in other areas; "if the season ends today, we've succeeded." I couldn't agree more, however I know we all have our own goals to accomplish this year as well... and the season doesn't end here. In fact, we are just leaving the line!

Florida and Georgia GNCC's... well, at both races I left the starting line quite a bit slower then I just typed the above paragraph. Welcome to being the proud owner of a e-start only motorcycle I guess, right? Not all bad though, the bike is so good everywhere else the start is a wash.

Both races started the same, and really kept the same theme throughout the day. Normally the go-to saying around the off-road world is "its 3 hours, you don't really need a good start.." Well, that used to be true, but I am finding out here in 2013 that we may be altering that statement soon.

At Florida I found myself through the rif-raf pretty quick and into the lead breakaway. It is essential to stay in this pack if you have ANY aspirations of finishing even remotely close to the leaders, let alone join them on the podium, or be the winner yourself. I felt really good, WP USA suspension was on point, and the bike felt easier to ride then ever before. I found myself mentally in a place I didn't need to be. But, as always, hindsight is 20/20. I was focusing on "maintaining" my position, staying with that lead pack, try to wait it out and capitalize on mistakes and make a push at the finish. Thats the game plan that worked really good in 2010, but no dice this time. By thinking that way, I was forcing my brain into a "reaction" state... I was a subject to my surroundings and competitors, and I was reacting to what everyone else and the course was doing... NOT focusing on doing what I wanted and making people react to MY moves. This ultimately cost me the entire race. I felt good, but in a lagging mindset I made a crucial mistake and caught my toe on a sand whoop and blew my leg off, snapping my carbon fiber knee brace in 1/2!! Having been through 2 complete ACL reconstructions, I was pretty keen on not doing it again. I did a joint inventory while I shook that off. Knee was intact and ok, so I chose to back it down and cruise to the finish and save it for Georgia. We ended with a 6th, which isn't great, but points are good, and my leg didnt fall of.. I was happy.

Now Georgia.. mmm, Georgia. Felt great again going into this one, but after analyzing my sub par FL performance, I was ready to make myself a part of that lead battle.

Again, last off the starting line, but got to the front quick and was able to join in on the battles. Its much easier to match the top guys' pace when you can see them! Strang and myself got caught in our own battle, lost the leaders, and could never bridge the gap. I was closer then FL, but still lost touch. Once you lose touch its a brutal uphill battle to try and match the pace. But, the good news is the confidence came back and having good, CLEAN racing with Duvall and Strang was not only fun, but a good judge of my speed.

Although the result was only a #5, the ride was MUCH better then at round 1. The best RIDERS of the day don't always win, but the best RACERS usually do. I felt like I was a better racer at round 2, and that goes a long way with me mentally.

Cant wait to make some more forward progress at round 3!


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