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"Soulshine" Kentucky time!

Mark Heresco
04-May-2013 01:39 PM

Ayyyy, Anvil here back in action with a little bloggin for your noggin! No lie, I have been slacking on the blogs but I can't say the same about anything else! Between the crazy women and havin a little to much fun with my buddies I have also been training my butt off and putting my bike on the podium at the local races. Although its been a different story at the GNCC races! With a not so happy 11th in NC and then a DNF in SC things are starting to go downhill a little but it's not goin to phase me! I'm on the way to the Mammoth with a mud race under my belt and 2 chips on my shoulder, ready to make a statement as well as my bike and the whole kr4 team! Which the team has been riding a good bit so hopefully we see some good results out if everyone!

Lately me and my little brother Max have been riding together, rather its been at home the kr4 compound or even up switchback mx track we have a blast! It's awesome riding behind him and seeing how we have the same type of style in the bends.I enjoy teaching and learning with him but also just being able to spend the time with him. Since this year I have decided to fully commit to my own landscaping business I have been able to work my schedual to all my needs. Even being able to hang out with my friends more! I think not having a girlfriend for a record 4 weeks has been a big help with my free time and also a few other things!! Now that the weather in Pittsburgh is beautiful the grass is growing and anvil is back mowin! I get to spend my Mondays washin my bike, recouping, and getting a nice workout,run, or other type of activity in! With my own schedual I spend time planning my days out and deciding which job or lawn to do first and even taking time to talk to others about what I do and trying to get more business! Within the last week or so I have acquired almost 5 new customers and also get random bush removal, painting, cleanup jobs ect and that's just so much extra motivation to me! Throughout the rest of the week when I work I feel good about myself everyday I come home, especially when I get to go shreddin after with hot moto chicks and my Lil brother!

Its crazy to think that the year is already a third of the way through when everything seems like its just getting started! With the weather breaking, the money getting made, the women comin out gettin tanned up lookin good, and all my friends around ridin and seeing them have jobs an be healthy this seems like an awesome start to the year! This is xc2 time and I'm ready to put the hammer down and get some! I'm lookin forward to some seriouse results and some good muddy racin action! Good luck to all ya racers that are shreddin this weekend, thanks to all ya who are reading and let me know what y'all think! Keep an eye out for the next blog in the near future and major thanks to all my family, friends, and sponsors including Srt OffroadProducts, kr4 performance, Tireballs flat free systems, ECS Suspension, Bentleys racing, B.T. Trucking/Amsoil, clockwork, fmf, Scott goggles, pivot works, hot rods, powerseal usa, wiseco and uk the champ.

Till next time keep diggin!

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