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KGB - Karlynn Gotta Bruuuaaaaap!!! - Round 3 Steele Creek

Karlynn Beam
11-Apr-2013 03:48 PM

As the KR4 AnR crew left out from Coal Center, PA on Thursday we went through a winter wonderland and eventually arrived in North Carolina about an hour away from Steele Creek. We woke up at a lovely Walmart and set forth to Steele Creek that morning. The AnR trailer was a hit when everything was all set up on Friday. I signed a lot of autographs, and did some bike work with pops and by that time it was time to hit the hay. Saturday Steele Creek was PACKED! People everywhere, and of course men doing belly flops at the mud hole.... Pretty funny. Anyway, race night, so chowed down, and in bed early for tomorrow’s race…
Sunday the weather was prime. Beautiful day, and sunny, couldn’t have asked for better weather. The track was perfect, but happened to be extremely rough!.... Not my cup of tea. I had a mishap on the start and was going into the first turn about third to last. Oh joy. Disaster struck me again in about 500 feet, as I was heading up the hill at the start I banged some bars and ended up head on with a tree. Oh joy, yet again! Eventually got going, decided to keep eating dirt on the coming laps, but still pushed as hard as I could, and on the last lap at the finish I was 12th. Not the result I wanted, but hey, after eating dirt 10 plus times for two hours, 12th isn't that bad.
I look forward to round 4 at Big Buck in South Carolina. I would like to thank God for keeping me safe, Mom & Dad, KR4, Stickman Graphx, Dunlop, Sunstar, Silkolene, DP Brakes, Fly Racing, OffroadViking, PR2 and Matrix Concepts.
Keep it pinned and hope you make it… Bruuuaap

My Steele Creek experience was one of a kind..
Photos Courtesy of Brehob

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