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2013 The Come Back (Limestone 100)

Jeremy Randolph
22-May-2013 08:03 PM

Only completing one lap at Mammoth motivated me to put in two hard weeks of training and had me feeling good and expecting results going into Indiana for Round 6. The trip to the Limestone 100 was the toughest one of the year because it was my first trip away from home since Kerrington was born and we felt it was a little too soon to take her for a 7+ hour car ride. Since I wasn’t hauling my bike or tools I decided to take Stephanie’s car for the trip to Indiana and it paid off big time saving me over $125.00 in fuel compared to taking my truck on the same trip! I also spent Saturday night in one of the cots in the KR4 race trailer instead of renting a hotel room leaving even more money in my pocket for go fast parts!

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2013 The Come back(Mammoth GNCC)

Jeremy Randolph
10-May-2013 11:38 PM

WOW, this has been an amazing week! I went from being at an epic GNCC in Kentucky last weekend to rushing home to the very exciting birth of my daughter, Kerrington Marie. Kerrington was born for speed, the labor went from 5cm dilated to birth in just 20 minutes! The doctor didn't even have time to make it to our room so the nurse ended up delivering Kerrington with a little bit of my help. (Sounds like a GNCC Women's Champion in the making!)
I aslo want to thank the whole KR4 crew for the surprise birthday cake and present for our new baby!
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"Soulshine" Kentucky time!

Mark Heresco
04-May-2013 01:39 PM

Ayyyy, Anvil here back in action with a little bloggin for your noggin! No lie, I have been slacking on the blogs but I can't say the same about anything else! Between the crazy women and havin a little to much fun with my buddies I have also been training my butt off and putting my bike on the podium at the local races. Although its been a different story at the GNCC races! With a not so happy 11th in NC and then a DNF in SC things are starting to go downhill a little but it's not goin to phase me! I'm on the way to the Mammoth with a mud race under my belt and 2 chips on my shoulder, ready to make a statement as well as my bike and the whole kr4 team! Which the team has been riding a good bit so hopefully we see some good results out if everyone!

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Leading into the Mammoth GNCC

Karlynn Beam
02-May-2013 08:39 AM

Four days till the Mammoth GNCC, and I’m feeling great! South Carolina was a success I thought for me, one because I didn't fall on the start and second I didn't fall the first lap! The track was to my liking, high-speed, and nothing that made one say ‘do I really have to go up that?’ Anyway, the third lap I got caught up with a lapper in the tight section and went down, allowing two women to pass me. The track was really hard to catch back up, I sprinted the whole last lap and just couldn’t seem to catch them. I ended up 12th. I still want that top ten, like my fellow teammate Jeremy Randolph!
The Mammoth is going to be heck of a course, as it was last year. Rocky and rough. I feel I am going to be prepared the best I can. This is my rookie year on the amateur courses and first year on the big bike. I’m still transitioning onto it and each time I ride, I feel I make improvements. I like, my teammate Jeremy focus on fitness during the week, I’m currently trying to become stronger physically the best I can.
Thanks to everyone who is helping me this year, Mom & Dad, KR4, Stickman Graphx, OffroadViking, Dunlop, Sunstar, Silkolene, FLY, PR2, and DP Brakes.
See y’all at the Mammoth…
Member’ keep it pinned & (HOPE) you make it

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2013 The Come Back

Jeremy Randolph
01-May-2013 09:49 PM

Its only 4 days until we are checking into the hospital to bring the newest member of the Randolph family into our lives! I know what your thinking... that the same day as Round 5 of the GNCC series! Your right, and if I didn't have a awesome wife and KR4 AnR backing me, I would never be able to make the race this weekend. Since I am not having to prep my race bike and don't have to worry about loading up my bike and gear for the trip back I am able to help get things ready for the baby and should make it back in Clarksburg with time to spare Sunday night!
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KGB - Karlynn Gotta Bruuuaaaaap!!! - Round 3 Steele Creek

Karlynn Beam
11-Apr-2013 03:48 PM

As the KR4 AnR crew left out from Coal Center, PA on Thursday we went through a winter wonderland and eventually arrived in North Carolina about an hour away from Steele Creek. We woke up at a lovely Walmart and set forth to Steele Creek that morning. The AnR trailer was a hit when everything was all set up on Friday. I signed a lot of autographs, and did some bike work with pops and by that time it was time to hit the hay. Saturday Steele Creek was PACKED! People everywhere, and of course men doing belly flops at the mud hole.... Pretty funny. Anyway, race night, so chowed down, and in bed early for tomorrow’s race…
Sunday the weather was prime. Beautiful day, and sunny, couldn’t have asked for better weather. The track was perfect, but happened to be extremely rough!.... Not my cup of tea. I had a mishap on the start and was going into the first turn about third to last. Oh joy. Disaster struck me again in about 500 feet, as I was heading up the hill at the start I banged some bars and ended up head on with a tree. Oh joy, yet again! Eventually got going, decided to keep eating dirt on the coming laps, but still pushed as hard as I could, and on the last lap at the finish I was 12th. Not the result I wanted, but hey, after eating dirt 10 plus times for two hours, 12th isn't that bad.
I look forward to round 4 at Big Buck in South Carolina. I would like to thank God for keeping me safe, Mom & Dad, KR4, Stickman Graphx, Dunlop, Sunstar, Silkolene, DP Brakes, Fly Racing, OffroadViking, PR2 and Matrix Concepts.
Keep it pinned and hope you make it… Bruuuaap

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2013 The Come back

Jeremy Randolph
29-Mar-2013 11:03 AM

2013 is my come back season to the sport I love after a 6 year hiatus. I'm writing this entry from a room at Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown,WV. I'm thankful for being a part of the KR4 Arrive and Ride team because it is allowing me to be here supporting my wife while KR4 is making sure my bike is 100% ready for race day.
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GNCC RD 1 and RD 2

Conner Keegan
27-Mar-2013 08:34 PM

My race at Florida went from bad to good to bad. I got off to a pretty bad start and was second to last off the line. I then began to catch the field and made my way up to 7th, right behind 6th. But then as I was going through a whoop section I went over the bars. Then I dropped back to 12th and stayed there the rest of the race. Georgia was a much better race. I got off to a mid-pack start and rode good the whole race. I ended up getting 12th in my class and 20th overall out of 130 riders. I was very pleased with my result.
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Florida and Georgia results

Brandon Keegan
27-Mar-2013 08:19 PM

After a long break of preparation, coldness, and adjustments were back at it and already headed into the third round of the grand national cross country series.

The first round in Florida went pretty smooth. I got off to a mid pack start. We headed into the woods and was eating a lot of dust so i knew i had to push towards the front of the pack. When i came through scoring on the first lap i knew i had to stay smooth and charge. When i came through the finish i saw fifth place on the screen. I was pleased with my ride especially being from PA. Wednesday morning we loaded up and headed for durhamtown. Durhamtown was one of the nicest places i have ever been. We rode Thursday and Friday. Then, we left Saturday morning to go to the aonia pass gncc. I got a dead last start at Georgia. On the first and second lap i was having some bike problems. Those were solved and i continued my race. When i saw the checkered flag i was devastated. But i knew i had to look ahead to the future and not in my past. I am looking forward to the next round.

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Back to the Basics

Chris Bach
26-Mar-2013 06:31 PM

From the highest high, to the lowest low, we are back to the basics and focusing on success!
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