Grant Baylor - Pro


gRANT bAYLOR - gncc & nepg'S

Grant, leads our team into the 2017 race season and competes in the highly competitive XC1 Pro class at the GNCC's and NEPG's.  Grant is one of the youngest riders in history to win a national GNCC title as he won the XC2 lites class at 15 years old.  Grant is also a ISDE Junior champion and won a gold medal in the 2015 ISDE while racing on the USA Junior ISDE team. 


Hunter Neuwirth - XC3 Pro


Hunter Neuwirth - GNCC/XC3, FGSE Pro, NEPG Pro

Hunter, signed with our team in 2017 and we are stoked to have him racing in the new –highly competitive XC3 class. 


Jesper Borjesson - Pro Rider


jESPER bORJESSON - gncc & fgse'S

Jesper signed on with KR4 for multi-year contract to race in America.  The Sweded pro races the GNCC's & FGSE events on a Husqvarna FC250.


Tayla Jones - Pro Rider


tAYLA jONES - gncc, fgse & nepg'S

Tayla Jones, labeled "The Fastest Woman in the World", Tayla is a 5 time ISDE-Chamipion and multi-time GNCC, FGSE and NEPG winner.