All photography provided by  Ken Hill

The KR4 Arrive-N-Ride Program gives you or your racer a true "Factory Ride!"  We handle everything you need to go riding, simply show up, and Arrive-N-Ride!


Our Mission

We handle the logistics and take care of the hassle of getting to the races; your bike is expertly prepped, your gear is clean and waiting, and our skilled track-side crew is ready to give you the support you need to perform at your best.  All you need to do is fly in and race!

Whether your dream is to compete in the entire Full Gas Sprint Enduro or GNCC series, or you want to enjoy the ultimate racing weekend vacation, we can help!  With our current unstable economy and the rising costs of fuel, it's making it harder to get to the races, and this burden is hurting racing families across the country and abroad.  We can save you time, money, and hassle!

For an affordable fee, KR4 can offset the cost of racing and have everything ready for you.  Let us prep your race bike while you train during the week, attend school or work, and spend time with your family.  Just before race day, jump in the car, head to the airport or drive to the track, and we will meet you out there.  Your bike, gear, and fuel will be waiting: just Arrive-n-Ride!

Our program was developed to create a team atmosphere, factory rider feel that allows our customers to focus on doing their best!  In most case just being part of a team can really improve a riders results on day one!  All of the teammates feed of of each other and develop the skills they need on and off the track to succeed in life.  

Whether your dream is to be the next champion or ride your first race, we have a spot in our program for you!
— KR4 President - Frank Keegan

What We've Achieved

Team Championship Podium Pic 2.jpg

When it comes to solid structure, that's what you will find at Kr4 Performance with President Frank Keegan Jr. leading the team of industry enthusiast. Frank has been off-road inspired since his childhood, and he became involved in the off-road GNCC circuit, competing as a GNCC pro from 1990-1997. The KR4 Team won the GNCC  XC2 Champion and were Awarded the GNCC Sport Ambassador in 2012.

  • Thad Duvall- 2016 FGSE Champion
  • Thad Duvall - 2016 GNCC 3rd Overall
  • Thad Duvall - 2016 ISDE Trophy Team Champion 
  • Thad Duvall - 2015 GNCC 5th Overall  
  • Tayla Jones - 2017 ISDE Champion
  • Tayla Jones - 2017 GNCC Champion
  • Tayla Jones - 2017 NEPG Champion
  • Tayla Jones - FGSE Overall Winner
  • Grant Baylor - John Penton GNCC Overall Winner
  • Grant Baylor - 2-GNCC XC2 Championships
  • Grant Baylor - 2016 GNCC 7th Overall
  • Grant Baylor - 2015 GNCC 2nd Overall
  • Grant Baylor - 2015 ISDE Junior Champion 
  • Jesper Borjesson- 2016 ISDE Junior Champion
  • Chris Bach - GNCC 3rd Overall 2013
  • Jason Thomas - GNCC XC2 Championship 2012
  • Colin Keegan - 250B Championship